Accurate Auto and Fleet Inc. has proudly been serving Tallahassee, FL and the surrounding areas for 17 years.
We are a family owned and operated vehicle repair facility. Our primary goal to do high quality work on all vehicles for our valued customers. We take your auto back to BEFORE the accident with the correct parts and color matches.

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Satisfied customers return and also refer us to other customers. Ask about our customer referral bonus plan.

Our mission is to expand our services to include continuous updated training and certification. This certification equips us for the constantly changing materials and types of auto and truck repair needed for “today’s vehicles.”

Call us today and WE WILL give you a competitive estimate while maintaining the highest quality standards. 850-576-6727

  • Auto body shop and paint shop in Tallahassee, Florida for all your unexpected auto body needs.
  • Auto body shops Collision repairs 100% warrantied in Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Call us at (850) 576 6726 for a quote for all of your quality auto body repair needs.
  • Auto insurance companies can not force you to use shops in their list of recommended auto body and paint repair shops.
  • This feature will more than likely lead you to a shop that cuts corners to stay in the profit.
  • Auto insurance companies use these shops for saving money on costs on repairs and greed in bonuses through kick backs.
  • They never cut the high cost on insurance you pay for highest of quality work and coverage.
  • These practices lead to quick low quality repairs and save the insurance companies billions yearly at your expense.
  • Auto insurance gives you the right to choose the company you hired, and you have the right to choose ACCURATE AUTO & FLEET Inc.
  • ACCURATE AUTO & FLEET Inc. never cuts corners. We take pride in doing the very best auto body and paint repairs for all of our customers.
  • We Provide Highly Skilled I-Car Trained & ASE Certified Service Professionals
  • For safe, high quality, collision and frame damage choose us for your auto body repairs.
  • Our goal is to provide Tallahassee, Florida with the finest in auto body repair.
Our Reputation

It IS IMPORTANT to understand that a reputable Auto Paint and Body Repair Shop, (we specialize in Trucks and Motorcycles by the way) always brings a comfort to the customer.

When a car wreck happens, whether injuries happened or NOT, it still can be quite traumatizing.

With the many aspects, police, insurance, let alone if injuries were incurred, it IS IMPORTANT to check for some of the following, BASIC, points.

By NOT having certification does NOT mean that they might not be among the best in your area. The Certification means they have training to work with specific tools and models, like a Porsche or a Jaguar.

Check with Auto Body Associations, whether local or national and ask if the technicians have experience in working on a car such as yours.

Warranties are also a LARGE CONSIDERATION when having your car, truck or motorcycle worked on.

Most shops provide a lifetime warranty, (as long as you own the car), whether it was out of your pocket or the insurance companies

We also welcome questions and discussion. When an auto, truck, paint and body repair shop has you wait in a room, does their pricing and then hands you an estimate, and doesn’t allow questions or discussion, a red flag should be raised.

Remember that you, the insured, will get your choice of which repair facility that you prefer.

Also you should remember to do the following,

  • ask questions like: "Do you use original parts, (Factory), or aftermarket."
  • Check the length it might take to repair your vehicle.
  • How secure is the business
  • Check any reviews, etc.
    • We do our very best, and this has maintained our growth for quite a long time, over 2 decades of a solid reputation. We are here for you, the customer.